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  TsingYue synopsis :

          Shanghai Tsingyue Software Co., a professional EDA design company, is focused on research and develop advanced PCB design software——Qinyuefeng,Through many years development and innovation, Tsingyue has grown into the leading PCB design software in China.She has world-leading unified design solutions that break down the barriers to innovation, and help organizations easily harness the latest devices and technologies to create their next generation of electronic products. The combination of high-quality software made available in an easy to buy, learn and use ,Historically, the most advanced, design tools have been prohibitively priced, with access being limited to engineers based within the few companies that could afford them. The Tsingyue , hold on the Company's inception, is to break down these barriers to innovation and technological advancement and provide every engineer and system designer with easy access to the best possible design solution.,the Company's inception guides our strategies today and into the future,Tsingyue have been design thousands of printed circuit boards in domestic. And she have helped many companies and engineers reach their electronic product development goals. and helps designers deliver real innovation in electronic product design.

  Chooses TsingYue :

            If you have been seeking a reliable and professional PCB design software, To spend the least money to buy the most advanced design tool,your search ends HERE! with Qinyuefeng.As the advanced PCB design software in China, Tsingyue has many professional engineers and EDA managers,Our main aim is to provide you low cost &top notch quality design software such that your profits are maximized.

  Our slogan :

            Tsingyue the Partner, believes in a win-win approach and a synergistic outlook in order to establish successful relationships with yourselves and other companies in the EDA design field.,we would like to earn your business, try us, we guarantee aggressive progress and results that will meet or exceed your expectations of quality on time. Our mission is to provide great quality products and outstanding service to the electronics industry globally. Highlights of our design services - High Quality, Low costs & Fast Service, backed up by great support.

  Function Introduction

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  Software Download

  Version: Tsingyue-Demo-1.7

  Platform: windows 2000 \2003 \ XP \   VISTA \ Windows7

  Software Size: 45 MB

  Language support: Chinese \ English

  Published: Jun 12, 2010

  Download Address: Click to download

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