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FAE (position serial number: 0005)

   Employment   advertise population: Certain
   Working life: Above one year
   School record: Technical college
   Foreign language request: English
   Operating location: Shanghai - Yangpu District
Position description:
Work responsibility:
   1, carries out the company sales policy;
   2, completes in the area of jurisdiction to sell the target;
   3, develops and consummates in the region each marketing channel;
   4, manages and maintains in the region to sell;
   5, responsible company regional outreach activities execution;
   6, plans and carries out the sale campaign;
   7, each week makes in the region to sell the statistics, and makes the analysis;Proposed    that has the constructive plan.
post request:
   1. Above the electron class related specialized technical college the school record,    has certain English spoken language ability;
   2. Is engaged in the market or the sales management work (leads 5 person of above    teams) above three years to experience
   3. Works professional, sense of responsibility, the communication and organizing    faculty, has certain management planning, statistical ability;
    4. The good oral expression and the archives foundation of basic skills, have the    communication skill and the wish, has the negotiations ability;
   5. The honest code of honor, sense of responsibility, the thought is agile, has the    creativity, learning capability;
   6. Can adapt momentarily travels on official business and works overtime;
   7. Has the EDA software channel proxy to develop the managerial experience first;    Has the channel sales management experience first;
   8. Familiar PCB design softwares and high speed PCB project analysis software and so    on Protel, PCAD, Orcad, PowerPCB first.
  Function Introduction

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